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March 2019  - The Columbine Project - 20 Years Later to be produced by Defiance Theatre Company

The Columbine Project will have another World Premiere of a new version of the script in March 2019. It will be based on The Massacre at Columbine High School and where we are 20 years later with gun violence in the halls of our American High Schools.

April 2018 & May 2019 Loft Ensemble in Sherman Oaks, Ca. and Whitefire Theatre Produce

A highly successful run at Loft Ensemble in Sherman Oaks. Bree Pavey (long time producer and actress in the show) directed the play in April-May of 2018. Pavey incorporated video of news footage and current up-to date names of Schools most recently affected by this American Plague. In May 2019, Loft co-produced the show again with Bryan Rasmussen at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks Ca.

April 2014 Whitmore/Lindley

A Very successful limited run of the play was performed in the NoHo Arts District from April 5-26th. We had wonderful feedback and great reviews. The cast was extraordinary and the audiences stunned! We have been very fortunate to be able to bring this story to life.




Terrific Run at the Whitmore - Lindley Theatre in NoHo

2012 - Baltimore, Maryland. Produced by 7Ronin Productions

2010 -2012






Three Consecutive runs at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in NoHo Arts District

NYC - Off-Broadway Production Actors Temple Theatre (47th/8th)

World Premiere Opening at the Avery Schreiber Theatre.


"If every high-school in America saw this play it would change the whole country and the world" - Randall Wallace (Writer, Braveheart)


"My Wife Sandy and I were amazed at the degree of accuracy portrayed by "The Columbine Project" Darrell Scott

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